Thursday, December 17, 2009

LP: Paskong Pinoy

Taglish mode...
Kahit nasa America na ako, hindi ko maalis na magdagdag ng "star" sa aking Christmas decorations. Parol eh...hindi Pinoy ang Pasko kung wala akong parol. At heto ang pinakamalapit sa parol na kinaya kong gawin...

Una, meron akong mga kawayan na pinag-hugis "star" at tinalian ko ng hose na me mga ilaw pamasko...

Tapos, me mga "star" na gawa sa "colored glass" na binili ko online, na kinabitan ko ng ribbon para magmukhang parol gaya ng sa Pilipinas. Lima ang binili ko. Hindi ko lang malagyan ng ilaw unless bibili ako ng de-baterya.

At ngayong marunong na akong gumawa ng tunay na wreath, walang limit ang imahinasyon ko kung pano ko dedekorasyunan ang ano pa nga ba kundi maglagay ng star sa gitna...Dalawang wreaths ang nilagyan ko nito.

The rest of my Christmas outdoor decors are mainly American...pero alam nyo naman sa kahit sa Pinas, merong Santa Claus at Christmas tree at snowman...

Eh pano naman ang kainan ng Pinoy Christmas Party??? Syempre hindi kumpleto ang Paskong Pinoy kung walang lafangan/ di tingnan dito.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Gary worked on the master bedroom and bathroom during early spring of 2009. He made all the cabinets and doors.

Here is a slideshow of the various steps along the way, starting from putting up the sheetrock, taping, mudding, sanding the walls, priming and painting (I actually forgot to take photos during painting), polyurethaning the trims around windows and doors, also working on the bathroom, tearing off the old shower room to replace it with a new one, taking the jacuzzi out to place it in the master bedroom, making the kitchen sink, placing a built-in medicine cabinet. I chose vanity lights that would go very well with the mirrored doors of the medicine cabinet. The color blue was decided on about two years ago because I saw and purchased a beautiful sink from home depot on sale at the time. It was hard to find tiles that would go well with it but we got lucky!

As of last week of May 2009, here is a video for a short tour of the master bathroom (if you tend to get dizzy easily, please be forewarned):

and a a short tour of the bedroom:

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Big Garage

Gary built this big garage on summer of 2008 for himself...he wanted this to serve also as a shop, where he can keep and work on the vehicles (including tractor, ATV, etc.)

I don't know why he forgot to take more photos after the roof was done...In any case, he just installed the garage doors in addition. Someday I will add a photo of that to this slideshow.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Finalizing the Kitchen During Summer of 2007

The following slideshow pretty much summarizes what we did on our kitchen during 2007:

So that at the conclusion, here's how my cupboards and cabinets appeared, open and closed:

And a brief tour in my kitchen coming in from the door near the washroom (Warning: You might get dizzy. I am not a good videographer.)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


At the start of spring this year of 2007, our first project was our porch, because that is one of the projects we could do ONLY during these days, and because we wanted to be able to enjoy the breeze on a summer day here, just outside our house.

I asked hubby if he would want to put the captions in, to which he answered, "yes, but not tonight."
So bear with the above...those are my captions.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Kitchen - What we have accomplished during summer 2006

I took short video clips of our kitchen from different angles after working on it the whole summer of 2006. These are short mainly because my digicam's memory card was a small one. (The next videos will have longer ones, promise!). I shot these clips mainly because I was updating an aunt in Texas about our progress. She and her family visited us during early summer.

Notice that here we have returned our kitchen appliances where they should be, although the layout is different from how it was prior to working on our kitchen, mainly because of the creation of an island.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Master Bedroom used as Temporary Kitchen

As we got ready in June 2006 for working on the kitchen, we used the master bedroom as the temporary kitchen. We placed the fridge there, used the dresser as countertop, and Gary installed the temporary countertop (which we previously had in our kitchen) with sink on one wall near the bathroom. All other building materials are also stored here -- pile of hardwood flooring, tool boxes, etc. We had this setup for two weeks (Gary could not bear to have the busiest area in our place of rest anymore, so we transferred them back to the kitchen area as soon as we could, though it was still far from finished.)

A Better View of our Living Room as of June 2006

After we were done with our living room, we now (June 2006) used it as storage area for some kitchen appliances and pantry items while we worked on our kitchen. The rest of the kitchen items were temporarily placed in the master bedroom. Here I also showed the balcony (my office) from below. This is a short clip of how the living room looks at this time. Pardon the children's noise (they seem to make more noise when they know I am taking a video.) and the mess. Hey, what can you expect of an unfinished house with no cupboards and cabinets yet???