Thursday, October 19, 2006

Living Room video as of June 2006

This is a video starting from the entryway into the balcony where my office is located, and opposite that is the future library. The stairs leading to the balcony originates from the kitchen and leads to a landing surrounded by the kids' bedrooms. There is a short hallway from the stairs to the balcony, where my office is located at one side and the future study area (no books/shelves there yet) on the opposite side. When entering the balcony, the triangular windows of the living room are readily seen. The balcony is situated above the living room covering about half of it. Towards the end of the short video, I am showing a view of the living room. Pardon the mess and the seemingly barren LR (we are at this point bereft of shelves, curtain, and all those finishing touches).


Anonymous said...

hi, ive been reading you're blog and find it interesting that you are working on your own house. i hope you could post the floor plan of your house. it actually inspires me to make a plan of our future house :-) thanks!

Manang said...

hi anonymous,
this blog is actually the second of two, and includes events that have happened since I came to the USA. The parts that my husband worked on while waiting for me are documented in the other blog, and the floor plans are in this archive page.
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply :-) im checking the archives and i'm impressed. more power to you and husband.