Thursday, August 13, 2009

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Gary worked on the master bedroom and bathroom during early spring of 2009. He made all the cabinets and doors.

Here is a slideshow of the various steps along the way, starting from putting up the sheetrock, taping, mudding, sanding the walls, priming and painting (I actually forgot to take photos during painting), polyurethaning the trims around windows and doors, also working on the bathroom, tearing off the old shower room to replace it with a new one, taking the jacuzzi out to place it in the master bedroom, making the kitchen sink, placing a built-in medicine cabinet. I chose vanity lights that would go very well with the mirrored doors of the medicine cabinet. The color blue was decided on about two years ago because I saw and purchased a beautiful sink from home depot on sale at the time. It was hard to find tiles that would go well with it but we got lucky!

As of last week of May 2009, here is a video for a short tour of the master bathroom (if you tend to get dizzy easily, please be forewarned):

and a a short tour of the bedroom:


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Gratitude said...

hello manang, first of all I thought you're too young to be called "manang" pero alam mo naman tayong mga pinoy, paggalang diba, you just simply too fabulous to be manang :)

Honestly, you are so amazing, I don't even know how or when to start to thank you..

I felt down yesterday, and I wanted to eat a "spanish bread", I asked a friend who knows the recipe she said she'll call back but she never I turn to my buddy computer/internet...and do my own search..

and there I fall in love with everything in your blog, from your kusina, to your tahanan, anakis...naadik na ako manang!

I spent hours and hours reading and looking at your oh-so-yummy recipes, and i got so hungry i have to keep snacks by me he heh.

this just the beginning of you hearing from me, I am your super avid fan now..I mean I am so dead serious, you are my A-ha moment and couldn't be grateful talaga..

I love you already and I will keep coming back for more..

Manang said...

Hi Gratitude,
Well, thanks for all the kind words you are throwing my way! Wala akong masabi...
I will try to catch up sometime later this week...I just have to go to bed now for a 12-hr shift tomorrow. Off on Saturday then on again til then! I will try to drop by your sites and get to know you as well!